Goats and Tigers AKA Bagha Chal

Goats and Tigers began life when Daniel Newman was a young child playing the Nepalese board game Bagha Chal on a brass set an archaeologist had brought back to England. When he was 18 he created the Java board game you see below. At 19, he and two University friends, Ben Gaskell and Jamie Gray created a Windows version with graphics created in Photoshop and synthesised music.

Now the project has expanded and this site now contains Java applet versions of both antique and modern board games and puzzles. The source code of all of these is freely available under the terms of the GPL.

Under the guise of Molakoe Designs, Ben Gaskell is now working with Daniel Newman to port Goats and Tigers and other games available on this site to the iPhone.

The Java version of Goats and Tigers is now being maintained by Oliver Doepner on Git Hub

Goats and Tigers

Play as the goats trying to surround the tigers. The versions for the Windows and iPhone also allow play as tigers and offer varying difficulty levels.

Bridges AKA Hashi

This app generates psudeo-random Hashi boards. Includes article on board generating algorithm. Coming soon to AppStore.

Suicide Chess

Demonstrates the Minimax algorithm used for picking moves in two player games and the use of Bit Boards to speed up move generation.

Back from the Klondike

Based on a puzzle by Victorian puzzle compiler American Sam Loyd. The board design uses maze-solving algorithms by Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler to ensure only one solution exists.

Rip Van Winkle

Based on another puzzle by Sam Loyd. You and the computer take turns to knock down either one skittle or two adjacent skittles until there are none left standing.

Priority Tic Tac Toe

Variation on the well-known game. You and your opponent both prioritise the squares you wish to go in then take turns filling in the empty squares.