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Goats and Tigers site launched.


Tic Tac Toe game added.


Bridges game added.


Suicide Chess game added


Goats and Tigers the game was developed by three students during their second year at University. It is based on an ancient board game believed to have originated in Nepal. Below is our Java version of the game with instructions. If you like that we recommend you download the freeware full version for Windows XP which includes detailed graphics and an original soundtrack.

Play Goats and Tigers

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How to Play

Objective: To surround the computer's pieces so that they are unable to move. The computer may take one of your pieces by jumping over it just as in Draughts/Checkers, but may only do so if the square its piece is to land on is unoccupied.

Phase 1: First you drop one of your pieces on to the board. The computer then moves one of its pieces along the lines on the board.

Phase 2: You and the computer take it in turns to slide your pieces along the lines on the board until one of you achieves victory.