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Goats and Tigers site launched.


Tic Tac Toe game added.

About the programmer

Daniel Newman studied Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of Leeds from 2003 to 2006. Since then he has been working for an I.T. solutions company in Leeds specialising in the Ingres DBMS and the OpenROAD programming language and also working as a C and UNIX developer on a project for a U.K.-based Blue Chip company. Below is a list of the commercial projects he has worked on since graduating from University:

  • Re-factoring a rich GUI OpenROAD application from a fat client to an n-tiered architecture (2 months)
  • Supporting a legacy OpenROAD application for a major re-insurance firm (6 months)
  • Scripting a job-scheduler for a COBOL interpreter running on a UNIX mainframe used by a major supermarket (1 month)
  • Re-skinning an OpenROAD GUI application used by local tax offices across the U.S. containing over 300 screens (2 months)
  • Re-skinning an OpenROAD GUI application used by councils in the U.K. containing over 700 screens (3 months)
  • Green-field development of a generic OpenROAD re-skinning toolkit (3 months)
  • Enhancing an open source unit testing tool for OpenROAD to support the creation and execution of test sets stored as XML files (1 month)
  • Enhancement of a legacy telecoms application to make it suitable for use by present day telecoms providers in Nigeria (4 months)

Presentation Skills

He has given several presentations in front of his entire company (circa 40 employees) on topics including OpenROAD AppServer and eClient, Re-skinning OpenROAD applications and a document-management system he was involved in beta-testing.