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Goats and Tigers site launched.


Tic Tac Toe game added.


Bridges game added.


Suicide Chess game added

Goats and Tigers 2.0

Goats and Tigers 2.0    Goats and Tigers 2.0

Requirements - Windows XP, DirectX 7.0

Download (11.4 MB), Visual C++ source code (1.8 MB)

The program was written in Microsoft Visual C++ 6. When opened in later versions Visual C++ will automatically convert the project file into the format required for that version. Some features included in the code include:

  • Functionality to load JPEGs and GIFs from a DLL using Windows API calls
  • Using Microsoft DirectShow to play MP3s
  • Using Microsoft DirectDraw for page flipping

Goats and Tigers 1.0

Goats and Tigers 1.0

Windows XP version - Download (63 kB), Visual C++ source code (165 kB)

Java version including source code - Download (18 kB)

All code available from this site is released freely under the GNU General Public License. If you end up using any of it in your own applications please give credit (just so that I know this site is actually helping someone). Most of all, the three of us hope you enjoy our game.