Suicide Chess


  • Pieces move in excatly the same way as in regular chess
  • If you can take your opponent's piece then you must do so
  • If you can take more than one of your opponent's pieces then you may take any of them
  • The first player to lose all of their pieces wins
  • The game does not end when a player's king is taken unless all of their other pieces have been taken
  • Both players' last moves are highlighted
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Java Source Code

AlphaBeta.javaHelper class used by the Minimax class.
Board.javaA concrete class extending the Minimax class using bitboards to represent the pieces on a chess board.
Icons.javaClass with static attributes to load and store the icons used by the game.
Minimax.javaAn abstract class for any board game wishing to use the Minimax algorithmwith Alpha-beta pruning.
Move.javaA helper class used to represent moves on the board.
SuicideChessApplet.javaAn applet class providing a user interface to the Board class.

Complete source (zipped, 6kb)

This applet was created using the BlueJ IDE - a Java development environment designed for use in educational establishments to teach object-oriented programming.

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Known Bugs

  • Castling not supported
  • Pawns always promoted to a queen. In suicide chess the player would probably want the pawn promoted to the piece of lowest value